October 1, 2012 – National Sarcastics Awareness Month

NEVER BEFORE RELEASED!  Steve takes a look at all of the promotional agendas for the month of October and locks into a couple.  The seeds of understanding the Animapocalypse begin to be planted as businesses in Waco deal with dead crickets.  The fascination with Felix Baumgartner continues. Glamour’s top 50 sexiest men of 2012…Steve bowed out.  There’s some Sesame Street talk, all kinds of local news, and Steve relies too heavily on a joke. As with many of the third age shows, there will be gaps in recordings and weird cutoffs at times, this is due to the nature of software used to record and broadcast the show at the time.  Hashtag shoestring budget. Hashtag small town radio. Hashtag don’t spell out hashtag.

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